Outrage: Suzanne Somers Praises Donald Trump to High Heaven

“Suzanne Somers is saying it loud and proud … she`s a huge fan of President Trump, and she also believes shes committing career suicide by saying that.”


Today hardcore porn is instantly and readily available to anyone with an internet connection. But in the 1970`s you had to get your titillation wherever you could find it, and jiggle television programming which featured starlets moving in loose clothing or underwear in a way in which their breasts or buttocks jiggled was all the rage. The primary examples of this type of programming were Charlie`s Angels, Wonder Woman and Three`s Company.

Somers wasn`t a gifted thespian, but in the late 1970`s she jiggled her boobs and butt to superstardom as Chrissy Snow on Three`s Company.

In the 1990`s she kept in the spotlight as a spokeswoman for the Thighmaster. The Thighmaster was a piece of exercise equipment that is squeezed between one`s thighs. It`s doubtful the contraption did anything for your thighs, but it was slightly entertaining to watch an ageing actress open and close her legs as if she was attempting to crack a nut.

In the 2000`s Somers wrote a series of best-selling self-help books, including Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones, about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. These books are nothing but quackery, and they sold only because they featured Somers silicon-enhanced face on the covers.

Somer`s career trajectory is thus: Jiggle star to Thighmaster infomercial queen to author of books of medical quackery.

Somers isn`t committing career suicide by coming out of the closet as a Trump supporter, her career was already as dead as a doorknob. The only ways that she could make any news was by doing granny porn or puffing up Trump.

I`m disappointed in Somers, she would have retained a shred of decency had she gone the granny porn route.

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