Internet Demands Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Removal from Congress After She Prays for End to Abortion

“US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, or as she is infamously known as MTG, recently asked her followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, to join her in praying for an end to abortion.

MTG represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, and after her tweet advocating the end of abortion, the Internet has called for her to be removed from Congress.”


A politician praying is an incongruous as a prostitute advocating for abstinence or an Islamist extremist appealing for ecumenical unity. When a politician prays it exposes their hypocrisy and cheapens their faith, they claim to believe in.

MTG is your quintessential evangelical hypocrite, her profane, venial and racist behavior is in stark contrast to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Whenever MTG or any of her ilk pray, I think to myself: Oh, shut the fuck up, your toxic farts are more likely to reach heaven than your poisonous prayers.

In praying for an end to abortion, what MTG is really praying for is an end to women’s sovereignty over their own bodies.

When evangelicals were calling for an end to Roe, they argued that the issue should be left to the states, but after Roe was overturned by the Supreme Court they changed their tune, and they are now demanding for a federal ban on abortion.

In MTG’s state of Georgia, abortion is prohibited after the sixth week, but she won’t be happy until the whole country has to suffer under restrictive abortion laws.

The internet lambasted MTG’s abortion tweet, and I will join the choir and pray that she will be removed from Congress, or better yet, just drop dead.