Don’t Expect Trump’s Base to Ever Realize He’s a Steaming Pile of Dung

The default condition of most people is to distrust politicians, preachers, used car salespersons and prostitutes; these less than noble professions employ deceit as a way of doing business.

We aren’t fazed when a politician or a minister is caught in a scandal, especially if it involves a sex worker.

When a candidate fails to keep their campaign promises when they win, I’m not heartbroken because I realize they are inherently duplicitous.

You wouldn’t expect this cynical generation to idolize any politician. Even an eloquent, handsome and youthful politician like John F. Kennedy wouldn’t be treated like a rock star. In today’s world with ubiquitous surveillance cameras, multitudes of cable news outlets and scores of podcasts stars and social media reporters he wouldn’t be able to keep his affairs with movie stars and mob dolls hidden.

So why the fuck is Donald Truck who’s uglier than a toad, more stupid than a rock and as inarticulate as a punch-drunk boxer treated like a god by his supporters? After all, we’re talking about a twice-impeached, quadruple indicted, pathological liar who has been found guilty of sexual assault in a civil trial.

Trump enjoys cult-like popularity because his base of white evangelical supporters and QAnon whack jobs are a cult, and he is their messiah and they regard every nonsensical utterance that emanates from his sphincter-shaped mouth as the Gospel truth.

Every time Trump makes a statement I take it with a grain of salt, and believe him as much as when a used car salesman tells me that the hooptie he sold me is in cherry condition or when a hooker tells me that she’s never seen a bigger dong than mine.

But Trump’s followers are enthralled with their Dear Leader, and they believe that he is incapable of lying. If a tape of Trump having sex with an underage girl was leaked, his sycophants would believe him if he said she was an angel who came down from heaven to minister to his earthly needs.

Bottom line: don’t expect Trump’s base to realize that their god is a steaming pile of human shit!