The Christian Broadcasting Network Set to Launch 24-Hour News Channel

“A Christian TV network is entering the crowded world of 24-hour news broadcasting at a time when the mainstream news media is under increasing attack by President Donald Trump and some of his supporters, many of them evangelicals.

The Christian Broadcasting Network`s news channel will provide a religious perspective that other channels lack, CEO Gordon Robertson told The Associated Press in an interview in advance of the network`s formal launch Monday.

The CBN News Channel, to air on local television stations in 15 U.S. cities, will produce original programming and commentary on everything from the power of prayer to Justin Bieber`s faith and Christian persecution in the Middle East.”


The Fox News Channel is the propaganda arm for the Trump administration. The president begins every day by tuning into – and live-tweeting – the network`s morning show, Fox and Friends. I always wondered who the aforementioned friends are, now we know it`s everybody in the Trump regime.

The Fox News evening lineup of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity and The Ingraham Angle are the most vociferous defenders of Donald Trump.

But if you think the Fox News cable outlet is embarrassingly pro-Trump, you ain`t seen nothing yet. The Christian Broadcasting Network`s news channel will launch Monday, and it will make Fox News seem as unbiased as the BBC.

The leading anchor of the news channel will be CBN`s chief political analyst, David Brody, the same objective reporter who co-authored the book, “The Faith of Donald J. Trump.”

Brody will bring his reporter`s notepad and a sack of softballs to his new studio where he will interview Trump administration officials.

The new channel will provide a religious perspective that secular news outlets lack. The evangelical perspective on politics can be summarized thusly: Donald Trump and Republican leaders are on a mission from God to Make America Great Again, and the Democrats, inspired by Satan, are seeking to thwart their divine mission.

My cable providers offers me over 500 channels, and believe me, I won`t be asking them to add CBN`s news channel to their menu.

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CBN: ‘There’s a Spiritual Awakening Underway in the White House’! Bullcrap!

“A spiritual awakening is underway at the White House.

Some of the most powerful people in America have been gathering weekly to learn more about God`s Word, and this Trump Cabinet Bible study is making history.

They`ve been called the most evangelical Cabinet in history – men and women who don`t mince words when it comes to where they stand on God and the Bible.

Ralph Drollinger of Capitol Ministries told CBN News, `These are godly individuals that God has risen to a position of prominence in our culture.
Health Secretary Tom Price, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Agriculture Secretary Sunny Perdue, and CIA Director Mike Pompeo are just a few of the regulars.


It should be noted that CBN is an evangelical television network and production company founded by televangelist con man, Pat Robertson. It would be the epitome of ignorance to rely on CBN to provide an objective opinion on the spiritual state of the Trump administration.

You don`t have to be a political science major or a theologian to deduce that the White House is in political and spiritual chaos. All of the political divisiveness and spiritual turmoil emanates from the president, Trump`s petty, narcissistic and vindictive behavior sets the tone for the White House staff.

Consider the example of the newly appointed White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, if the boss swears like a sailor and publicly belittles his cabinet members, he will do him one better. Scaramucci`s obscene on-the-record rant against Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Special Counselor to the President Steve Bannon made even sailors blush.

If the Trump administration`s anti-Muslim, anti-people of color and anti-poor policies and its hateful tone can be attributed to the Cabinet Bible Study, then I hope they ditch the Bible and seek spiritual guidance from the Satanic Bible.

This isn`t a blanket condemnation of evangelicals, there are sincere Christians who follow the example of Jesus Christ and preach the Gospel, feed the poor, and minister to prisoners.

Jesus Christ wouldn`t recognize the wealthy swine holding Bible studies in the White House while venerating the most evil person ever to sit in the Oval Office.

Only an evil fuc* believes that there`s a spiritual awakening underway in the White House

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