Why are White Evangelicals So Angry?

What emotion best describes white evangelicals?

Is it not seething anger? It doesn’t take any effort to picture a white evangelical shouting: Get off my lawn! Get out of my country! Stay out of my neighborhood! Don’t you dare enter my church!

Evangelicals used to place a high premium on repentance; they sought to repent of sins that angered their God, in the hopes it would bring them in harmony with their community.

Why are 21st century evangelicals so angry? It all stems from the fact that they have exchanged their compassionate and merciful messiah Jesus Christ for the sociopathic and vengeful Donald Trump.

Make no mistake about it, Trumpism has thoroughly corrupted the evangelical movement, in 2016 and in 2020 about 85 percent of evangelicals voted for their orange savior.

Evangelicals don’t measure the sincerity of their faith by how much they model the behavior of the kind and gentle Jesus Christ, but how they much they channel the vindictiveness, resentment and obnoxiousness of Trump.

Evangelicals judge the authenticity of your faith not by how closely you adhere to traditional Christian orthodoxy like the virgin birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ but by how loyal you are to the MAGA-controlled GOP.

Anger has corrupted the evangelical movement and destroyed the the Republican Party. It’s imperative that true Christians denounce the evangelical movement and that genuine Republicans cut out the cancer of Trumpism.