White Evangelical Ministers are Fluffers for Trump

Kevin Smith, an African American Baptist pastor, criticized his fellow pastors for being whores for twice-impeached former President Donald Trump during a speech on the first day of the annual Southern Baptist Convention.

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is the world’s largest Baptist denomination, and it was organized in 1845, when it split from northern Baptists over the issue of slavery. The SBC was strongly opposed to its abolition.

Almost two centuries later racism is still firmly entrenched in the SBC; many SBC ministers got their panties in a twist when Barack Obama was elected president in 2012.

Kevin Smith demonstrated what it means for a prophet to speak truth to power, he chastised the SBC for whoring themselves to the racist Donald Trump at their annual gala.

The honorable Smith compared Trump-supporting ministers to whores, I would compare them to fluffers. A fluffer is a person employed on a pornographic film to ensure that the penis of a male actor remains erect.

White evangelical clerics are ever-loving fluffers, their main focus is to make sure Trump’s enormous ego remains erect. They are more concerned with fluffing the vain, racist, vindictive, petty steaming pile of human shit, than they are in glorifying Jesus Christ.

Is there anything more pathetic than being a fluffer for Trump?