Trump the Super Spreader-in-Chief to Hold a Super-Spreader Rally Every Day Until Election

To no one’s surprise Donald Trump’s bout with a serious case of COVID-19 failed to temper his anti-science rhetoric; he’s still downplaying the coronavirus and refusing to treat it as an existential threat to our society.

In fact, the super spreader-in-chief is touting his own recovery as proof there is nothing to fear from a pandemic that’s has killed more than 217,000 Americans. Never mind that no other coronavirus patient in the world has a hospital suite dedicated to his recovery, and that the expensive experimental therapies he benefited from aren’t available to anyone else.

The Covidiot has promised to hold a super-spreader rally every day until the election. In his COVID-friendly rallies his maskless supporters are packed like sardines, and they bask in the presence of their Savior who has overcome the coronavirus.

Trump supporters live in an alternate reality where the coronavirus has no power to infect the righteous who worship the vulgarian-in-chief. They believe Trump’s argument that the pandemic is almost over, and that the coronavirus will miraculously disappear after he wins the election.

One thing is clear, the virus won’t disappear anytime in the foreseeable future, regardless who wins the election. But the pandemic of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and constant chaos will go away if Joe Biden wins.

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