Theresa May Should Withdraw Her Invitation to Donald Trump for a State Visit

“Benny Hill music, inflatable chodes, kazoos? Now Trump`s insulted Sadiq Khan, let`s get truly British and welcome the US President with a festival of piss-taking.

Does there remain a single potential act of idiocy that, by this point, would surprise any of us were it committed by Donald Trump? Trump`s latest attempts to smear the London mayor, Sadiq Khan – while the latter leads our city through the aftermath of a painful terrorist attack – are simultaneously beyond the pale and tediously par for the course.

As ever, Trump cakes his bigotry in the camp maquillage of false concern for the city and its inhabitants, when it`s clear that this man is incapable of human empathy, and has, furthermore, seemingly chosen to attack Khan so vehemently because he is a Muslim.”

The Guardian

These eloquent words were written by Rhiannon Lucy Cossslett, a London-based freelance writer for the British publication, The Guardian. This article is proof that DonaldTrump is anathema not only in the halls of Congress, the television studios of journalists, and the kitchen tables of everyday Americans, but everywhere in the free world as well.

I will throw away my dog-eared thesaurus and instead bookmark Cosslett`s article: Inflatable chodes, cakes his bigotry in the camp maquillage of false concern, festival of piss-taking! I hope that now my friends and colleagues will understand why I`m an unabashed anglophile, reading an editorial written by an English reporter is nirvana.

In the last couple of years I`ve written over a hundred anti-Trump essays, but my rhetoric has never matched the eloquence of Cosslett. I hope that her dream will come true, and that the golden showers-loving freak will be welcomed with a festival of piss-taking by the genteel people of the United Kingdom.

Trump clearly chose to insult Khan because he`s a Muslim. See my article: Racist Donald Trump Attacks Mayor of London

Speaking of Khan Cosslett writes: London had the clear-sightedness to elect this humble, compassionate man as our leader. So true, and it`s equally true that America had the short-sightedness to elect an arrogant, heartless man as our president.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May should heed Khan`s advice and withdraw her invitation to Trump for a state visit.

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