The Media Should Acknowledge That Evangelicals Pose an Existential Threat to Democracy

“Over the weekend, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board penned a scathing indictment of evangelical preachers who told their followers to view former President Donald Trump’s potential victory in the 2020 election through the lens of Biblical prophecy — and thus making them blind to the reality of Trump’s loss.

‘Editorially, we try to avoid opining about religious faith,’ wrote the board. ‘But invoking divine guidance to advance partisan causes smacks of the worst kind of manipulation, opening the door to abuse and financial exploitation. Pentecostal and charismatic Christian leaders have laudably begun insisting that the false prophets among them cease and desist.’”

The Raw Story

Religion shouldn’t be immune from criticism and mockery by the media, educators, scientists and responsible citizens, especially when faith groups intertwine their dogma with politics.

Evangelicalism and the Republican Party are synonymous, it’s almost an article of faith for white evangelicals to align themselves with the GOP.

I applaud the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for not treating religion like a sacred cow and lambasting evangelical prophets for telling their followers that God anointed Trump as the leader who will lead our nation to righteousness and that he would win reelection.

Eight months after the election many white evangelicals refuse to accept reality and acknowledge that Joe Biden won and Donald Trump lost, they believe that men and women of faith will proclaim that their Orange Messiah is the real president.

Why haven’t other newspapers and other news media platforms condemned evangelical ministers for using religion as a cover to support Trump and his anti-immigrant, homophobic, misogynist and undemocratic policies?

Organized religion is the biggest obstacle to achieving world peace, democracy and defeating racism and climate change, and it’s incumbent upon the media to recognize religion as the enemy.

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