War Crime: IDF Kills Dozens of Palestinian Civilians as Cover to Rescue Two Israeli Hostages

The Israeli indiscriminate and saturation bombing of Gaza has taken a heavy toll on civilians, especially women and children, with more than 12,300 Palestinian children killed in the conflict, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

The horrible fact that women and children, not Hamas terrorists, are the main victims of Israel’s unrelenting assault on Gaza, was brought into sharp focus in the aerial bombardment that was used as a cover for Israeli special forces to extract two Israeli hostages from an apartment in Rafah. At least 74 Palestinians were killed in the bombardment, most of these victims were internally displaced residents who had already been forced to relocate several times, and who had sought refuge in Rafah, the last “safe” place in Gaza.

The IDF didn’t bomb military infrastructure as a cover for the hostage rescue, they seemingly selected random targets. A handful of Hamas terrorists and almost a hundred civilians, mostly women and children were killed in order to rescue two elderly hostages.

This hostage rescue at the price of the murder of dozens of civilians was hailed as “one of the greatest rescues in Israeli history” by far-right Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

American evangelicals were equally ebullient in celebrating the rescue of the two Israeli hostages. “Outstanding news that Israel rescued two hostages from Hamas terrorists,” prominent evangelical and former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gushed on 𝕏, the social media site formerly known as Twitter.

Israeli Zionists and American evangelicals think that the death of dozens of innocent Palestinians is a small price to pay for the rescue of two Israeli hostages. After all, they no doubt reason, Jehovah and Jesus don’t shed any tears over the murder of Muslim civilians.