‘Trump Smells’ Trending on Twitter

“Former GOP congressman Adam Kinzinger sparks controversy by suggesting people ‘wear a mask’ around Trump due to alleged odor, igniting a social media storm.”

Hindustan Times

It’s axiomatic that everything Donald Trump touches turns to shit, therefore it should come as no surprise that decent people would complain that such a prodigious consumer and producer of excrement smells exceptionally bad.

When I logged onto Twitter, Elon Musk’s cesspool of filth, I noticed that “Trump smells” was trending, I thought to myself, “No Shit!”

When I walk into a dog pound I’m prepared to be suffocated with the stench of feces, and when I hear Trump on TV or read an article about him online, I brace myself to be assaulted with his sulfurous presence.

It’s a given that Trump reeks, the only question is what is causing him to stink to high heaven on any given day.

When golden showers are in Trump’s forecast you can expect him to smell like a urine drenched drunkard on Skid Row.

When one of his fluffers forgets to change his Depends, you can expect him to have the malodorous odor of an infant with droopy drawers.

When Trump is holding a MAGA rally you can expect the air to be heavy with the loathsome spirit of racism, bigotry and xenophobia.

Adam Kinsinger is spot-on, Trump smells! Give the dirty pig a wide berth, so his filth won’t permeate your spirit.