Kellyanne Conway is Wrong, God Has No Place in the Public Square!

“Kellyanne Conway on Monday condemned the trend of anti-religiosity in America, just days after a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue left 11 people dead and several wounded.

`The anti-religiosity in this country, that it is somehow in vogue and funny to make fun of anybody of faith, to constantly be making fun of people who express religion, the late-night comedians, the unfunny people on TV shows, it`s always anti-religious,` Conway said on `Fox & Friends.`

She later argued that faith can bring Americans together and said this isn`t the time to be `driving God out of the public square.`”

The Hill

Conway would be well-advised to consult a dictionary before spouting off on Fox News. Most folks, people of faith and atheists, are anti-religiosity. The word “religiosity” has a bad connotation, denoting a person who is excessively, obtrusively, or sentimentally religious.

However, it`s true that there is an anti-evangelical trend in America, in reaction to white evangelicals who have made a mockery of Christianity by embracing a degenerate who is a hell of a lot more similar to the anti-Christ than Jesus Christ.

I`m more liberal than conservative but I don`t make fun of people of faith who proclaim and defend the universal concepts of the brotherhood of man, and respect for individuals regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or social class.

I do make fun of white evangelicals who claim to believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ while worshipping a buffoon who is the antithesis of Christianity.

Faith in our democracy and in the Constitution can bring Americans of all faiths and no faith together, and the deity of your choice can best be worshipped in your home or in a place of worship, not in the public square.

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Qoobo, The Weird Cat Robot, is an Abomination

“Qoobo, which was unveiled this week by Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd. at the CEATAC trade show in Japan is only marginally a cat. Its wagging feline tail is attached to a 2-pound ball of fur. Theres no purring face, no head or whiskers, no legs, feet, or claws. The name is a combination of the French word for tail and robot.

The plush toy rests in your lap (what choices does it have?) and responds when you pet it. Different types of strokes or pats will generate different, yet, fairly realistic, tail wags and haptic responses. In addition to the tail movement, the round, cushion body can deliver a vibration response.”


We are at the advent of the age of the robot, although robots have been an integral part of the manufacturing process for ages, but it`s only recently that they have invaded our homes.

The Roomba isn`t a novelty item, millions of homeowners rely on these robotic vacuum cleaners to clean their floors while they relax watching TV.

The Amazon “Echo” is a personal assistant who will play music, control your smart home, and get information, news and weather using just your voice.

In a generation many people will have a sex robot instead of a spouse or significant other. The sex robot is not your father`s blowup sex doll, it has fully functioning sex organs, and it looks just as real as your average silicon-enhanced celebrity.

Now there`s a robot cat, sort of, the Qoobo has a wagging feline tail attached to a 2-pound ball of fur. This monstrosity doesn`t have a face, in fact it doesn`t have a head, or legs.

I can put up with a robotic vacuum cleaner, and I can certainly see the advantage of a sex robot over a cheating girlfriend who is just as likely to give you the clap as she is a hug.

But it will be a cold day in hell before I exchange my warm, loving kitty for a freakish robotic cat that doesn`t have a head or a soul.

My cats have a home with me for the rest of their lives, regardless how many curtains they destroy or how many times they cough up a fur ball.

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