Robert De Niro Has One Thing to Say to Folks Who Think He Should Shut Up About Trump: ‘F*ck ‘Em’

Robert De Niro the iconic actor, producer, director and noted anti-Trump activist stopped by CNN’s Reliable Sources to chat with host Brian Stelter about his latest movie projects and of course his thoughts on the impeachment of Donald Trump. Stelter specifically asked De Niro about criticism he gets from Fox News for speaking out against Trump. The Hollywood legend succinctly replied: Fuck em.

Stelter mildly rebuked De Niro by reminding him that although it’s not an FCC violation to curse on cable, it was still a Sunday morning.

Patriotic Americans who are incensed over Trump’s gross abuses of power and numerous impeachable offenses curse him every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Fox news viewers, many of whom are evangelical Christians, don’t seem to be concerned about Trump’s frequent swearing, nor are they worried about children being separated at the border from their parents, but they get their panties in a twist over De Niro dismissing the president with an expletive. I have two words for them: Fuck em.

If a Hitler, Stalin or Trump supporter wants to engage me in a debate, I assume they’re fascists, morons or cultists, and I just tell them to fuck off instead of wasting my breath arguing with them.

It’s a waste of time and energy debating Trump sycophants; I am devoting my time and energy as a blogger persuading reasonable people to impeach the fucking moron. I simply have no time for Trump supporters: Fuck em.