Racist Flyers Left on Porches in Lynchburg, VA

When there’s an infestation in your home of cockroaches or any other vermin you don’t ignore the problem and hope and pray it will go away of its own accord. If you see one cockroach scurrying on your kitchen floor that means that there are many more you don’t see, hiding in cracks and crevices under sinks and behind refrigerators.

If you don’t deal with an infestation immediately and decisively the problem will only get worse. At the first sight of a cockroach or a termite I spray them with pesticides and if that doesn’t work, I call a pest control company.

According to the Lynchburg Police Department, last year on Christmas Eve some cretin left racist flyers in neighborhoods on Cabell Street and Peakland Place. The only trespasser we expect to see on Christmas is Santa Claus; it must have been especially disturbing to discover that someone did such a dastardly deed on Christmas, of all days.

The citizens of Lynchburg, especially the residents in the low-income neighborhood that was targeted, are upset over this overtly racist attack. During Tuesday night’s Lynchburg City Council meeting alarmed residents addressed the board about the problem and called upon the city to acknowledge and fix the problem.

I am proud of my fellow residents of Lynchburg for dealing with this racist infestation immediately and for calling upon city leaders to make their neighborhoods safe from racists.

The person(s) who distributed the flyers were bold and brazen, they walked right up to the houses and left the racist flyers on porches.

If you see something, say something. If you see a stranger lurking in your neighborhood, step out on your porch and make sure they see you. Lynchburg is a friendly and welcoming city, we can’t afford to tolerate any expression of racism.