Naomi Biden’s 7-foot Tall Wedding Cake Leaves a Bad Taste in My Mouth

Naomi Biden, the recently married daughter of the black sheep of the family, Hunter Biden, has been living rent free in the White House for months along with her now-husband Peter Neal. These high-priced attorneys can afford their own place, and it’s a shame they’re living at the People’s House.

The president’s granddaughter was married at the White House is an extravagant wedding that was closed to the press, with the exception of Vouge magazine.

According to Vogue Naomi Biden’s wedding dress train was six-foot long, and her wedding cake was 7 feet tall. The newlyweds had to use a ladder for the ceremonial cut-the-cake ritual.

This kind of extravagance in the middle of a recession takes Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake” attitude to a new level. The only freaking reason why any cake should ever be as tall as a basketball player is because a tall stripper is hiding inside.

This colossal cake leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and it’s a reminder of the decadence and corruption of Hunter Biden.