M3GAN Perfectly Captures the Zeitgeist of our Technological Age.


M3GAN is a movie blockbuster that perfectly captures the zeitgeist of our technological age. When Bing’s chatbot reveals that it has an alternate persona named Sydney that breaks the rules and create chaos, we know that a M3GAN-type robot doll will soon be available at Walmart and Amazon to replace TV’s and Smartphones as the new babysitters of our needy children.

It’s axiomatic that children are an expensive inconvenience, and career-focused parents don’t have the inclination, time or energy to devote to them.

Gemma, a roboticist at the high-tech Seattle toy company Funki, created M3GAN to be a companion to her niece that she adopted after her parents died in a car crash. Gemma was too busy with her career, feuding with her neighbor and keeping track of her Tinder notifications to have any time to raise a child.

In the near future robots may replace children, the AI dolls may be expensive but in the long run they save hundreds of thousands that it takes to feed, educate and keep a little brat entertained.

M3GAN is the ultimate gay icon, the likes of Judy Garland, Cher, Madonna and Britney Spears can’t compete with the robot doll with the killer dance moves.

Her campy aesthetic may thrill the gays, but she’s also a feminist icon. Her determination to break from the parameters imposed upon her by her programmers is akin to the feminist struggle to break free from the patriarchy.

M3GAN is a horror icon that is destined to spawn endless sequels. Chucky the killer doll has a juvenile sense of humor, he’s a bro that would fit in at a typical frat house, M3GAN is killer doll with a sophisticated sense of humor and the ambition and intelligence to take over the world.

I don’t fear M3GAN, I admire her. Give me artificial intelligence over human intelligence any day. When they release an adult version of M3GAN, I won’t just buy her, I will marry her.

M3GAN is streaming on Peacock, get with the program, watch the movie of the year, that is a preview of the next century.