Johnny Enlow Says People Will Understand Trump’s Bravery When They Get to Heaven

“Pastor Johnny Enlow, a conservative Christian who has been described by some as a ‘prophetic leader,’ said that people will understand and ‘respect’ former President Donald Trump more once they get to Heaven.

Enlow and his wife Elizabeth Enlow are the founders of Restore 7 ministry based in Tennessee. Johnny Enlow appeared on a recent episode of The Elijah List program, discussing Trump and how people view the former president. Right Wing Watch first reported the pastor’s remarks.

‘The weaker, more imperfect that a vessel is—the more glory God gets from using him to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish. Having said that, we are going to respect and honor President Trump a whole lot more in Heaven once we understood the courage and bravery of what he’s had to do and put up with,’ Enlow said.”


The Good Book says, “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” God works in mysterious ways and when we get to heaven what our now mysteries will become self-evident truths.

When I die, whether I ascend to heaven, descend to hell, am reincarnated as a snail or simply cease to exist, I won’t lose my sanity and morality and gain newfound respect for the twice-impeached former president.

For a religious leader to assign the virtues of courage and bravery to the most corrupt and manifestly evil president in history is blasphemy and spiritual malpractice.

If by some cosmic misfortune I ended up in Enlow’s version of heaven, and Jehovah waxed eloquently about the courage and bravery of Donald Trump, I would tell Him to shut the hell up and let me try my chances with Satan.

Enlow is not an aberration, he is representative of how evangelicals think and believe, most white evangelical leaders have repeatedly praised the former president, and about 85 percent of white evangelicals voted to reelect Trump.

Donald Trump is a racist and cowardly clown, and when I die regardless in what plane of existence I find myself in, contrary to Enlow’s vain babblings, my opinion of the former president will not change.