Donald Trump Has an Excellent Chance of Being Reelected

Donald Trump is not a stable genius. He’s an unstable moron. He’s the living manifestation of Murphy’s Law. He has no master plan. He’s not playing three dimensional chess. He’s playing online checkers against a computer set at bonehead level of difficulty. He doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to think three moves ahead. He relies on his gut to navigate the game board. He didn’t win the presidency because of his oratorical brilliance or intelligent campaign strategy. His anti-establishment rhetoric and anti-immigrant message resonated with just enough white evangelicals, blue-collar workers and latent racists to seize the race from the elitist and universally despised Hillary Clinton. Lightening can strike twice. Donald Trump can win reelection. White evangelicals are even more enamored with their False Messiah than they were four years ago. Racists are more emboldened to support the white nationalist-in-chief. God does have a twisted sense of humor. We do get the political leaders that we deserve. A Democrat-controlled House of Representatives that is too cowardly to impeach Trump lacks the moral authority to persuade the electorate to throw the bum out of office. I have the demoralizing feeling that two years from now Democrats will still be debating whether or not to impeach Trump.