QAnon/Evangelical Charlatan Pastor Greg Locke Rebukes Evil Spirits of Homosexuality, Lesbianism and Molestation

Recently QAnon/Evangelical pastor Greg Locke held a meeting in his circus like tent where he frenetically paced the stage, and howled: “Spirit of molestation, spirit of abuse, get out now.” His wife chimed in: “Every spirit of homosexuality, lesbianism come out, come out. Transgenderism, gender dysphoria, come out.”

This type of buffoonery, corruption of the Gospel message and venomous hatred spewed at racial, sexual and religious minorities isn’t new to evangelicalism.

In prior generations this type of vitriol was confined, for the most part, to tiny congregations of inbred hillbillies in the Appalachian Mountains. But Locke’s meetings are live streamed online and viewed my millions.

Blatant racism, acceptance of wild conspiracy theories, xenophobia and homophobia have become more mainstream than ever before in the white evangelical movement.

According to the Stamford Advocate some parishioners “fell to the ground, pawing at cedar chips, or wretched into silver vomit buckets that had been set at the end of each row of white folding chairs.”

If you attend a church service where worshippers are speaking in tongues, rolling around in the floor and howling like monkeys, there’s something rotten in Demark. If a church feels the necessity to provide silver vomit buckets for their members, you’re not in Kansas anymore.

It’s an indictment of our educational system that in the 21st century there are so many people who believe there are witches who have the power to cast spells, and legions of demons who are possessing hapless souls left and right.

What we really need to do is cast out the spirits of racism, ignorance, homophobia, Islamophobia.

In mainline Protestant churches where gays and lesbians are loved, embraced and accepted as equals you will find none of this ignorance and nonsense.

Locke and his ilk are possessed with the evil spirits of ignorance, racism and homophobia and they need to be banished from polite society.

Evangelical Pastor Greg Locke Blasts Donald Trump for Vaccine Support

Pastor Greg Locke, the Founder and Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, is the quintessential Trump-supporting evangelical minister. The two basic tenets of his church are the exaltation and glorification of Donald Trump and spreading COVID-19 conspiracy theories.

Locke’s theology is distorted and perverted because he spends more time inside Trump’s rectum than he does reading the Bible. He will unceremoniously excommunicate any parishioner who speaks ill of his orange messiah or who advocates in favor of vaccines or wearing a mask.

Criticizing Trump was the unforgivable sin as far as Locke was concerned until his hero publicly and repeatedly spoke in favor of vaccines.

Locke told members of his church that he is “sick” of the former president promoting vaccines. “He was lied to and he knows it. And his arrogance won’t let him change his mind. I’m telling you right now, on the authority of the Bible, if Donald Trump does not get out in front of this vaccine nonsense, he is going to lose his voter base in the next coming election,” Locke said during a recent sermon.

Locke isn’t the only prominent Trump supporter who has broken with him over his advocacy of vaccines, Alex Jones called him an idiot for pushing vaccines.

The scales have been removed from their eyes, and now these former Trump cultists realize that he’s arrogant and stupid. No kidding, he’s also racist, misogynist, homophobic, ignorant, vindicative and a steaming pile of human shit.

Trump’s promotion of vaccines will result in the exodus of some of his followers from his cult. I wish they would leave him because he’s a racist idiot and not because he’s promoting vaccines, but thank goodness he’s losing some of his devotees.