Evangelicals Believe Emergency Alert Will Trigger Zombie Apocalypse

QAnon otherwise known as MAGA, or the white evangelical movement discovers a new conspiracy theory every time Trump farts or belches.  

White evangelicals are just as likely to cite a fringe web site as quote a Bible verse out of context to support their batshit crazy conspiracy theories.

The crazier the conspiracy theory the more they are convinced it’s true. We shouldn’t be surprised at the gullibility and stupidity of these wingnuts, after all they believe in the Rapture, a controversial theological belief that Jesus will snatch true believers and meet with them in the air, before He unleashes Armageddon.

FEMA and Federal Communications Commission are conducting tests of the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts on Oct. 4 at 2:20pm ET. The message directed to all consumer cell phones will consist of a simple message:

 “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

Normal citizens will at the most be annoyed by the emergency alert, after all we are bombarded with dozens of alerts every year, be they Amber Alerts, tornado, flash flood or hurricane alerts.

MAGA nuts are convinced that the emergency alert will trigger the Zombie Apocalypse. This tweet by Gina Shirah is representative of the millions of posts warning us to take actions to protect ourselves, such as covering our phones with tin foil:

“Turn off your cell phones on October 4th. The EBS is going to test the system using 5G. This will activate the Marburg virus in people who have been vaccinated. This will sadly turn some of them into zombies.”

Millions of evangelicals wearing MAGA red hats aren’t going to meet the Lord in the air, and zombies aren’t going to wreak havoc on October the 4th. I’ve had seven COVID shots and on October 4th I plan on having my cell phone next to be ear at 2:20.