Things We Will Not Miss About Donald Trump

Goodbye and Good Riddance Donald Trump!


lies, disrespect for veterans and POW’s, unabashed racism, disgusting doll hands grabbing women by the pussy, whoppers, urine-colored wispy hair, alternate facts, trophy wife who after two decades of living in America still speaks broken English, sphincter-shaped mouth, exaggerations, administration of sycophants and grifters, orange spray-on tan, fabrications, coddling of white supremacists, homophobia, misogyny, disinformation, immigrant children in cages, befriending dictators and shunning allies, misrepresentations, conspiracy theories, executive time, slander, nepotism, inaccuracies, toxic tweets, divisiveness, Dear Leader cabinet meetings, perjury, scandals, impeachments, disrespect, deceit, lawlessness, corruption, falsehoods, token blacks, pardons of criminals, loyalists and celebrities, cluelessness, ignoring the pandemic, prevarications, sniffles, insurrections, cult of personality, amorality, mendacity, raccoon eyes, coarse and vulgar language, functional illiteracy, fibs, Islamophobia, xenophobia, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies and more lies.