Woman Tells Cops She Shouldn’t be Arrested Because She’s a Clean White Girl

“A 32-year-old Bluffton woman tried to talk police out of arresting her Saturday by telling them she was a very clean, thoroughbred, white girl, a sorority sister and a cheerleader who is dating a cop.

Officers said they saw Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw speed through a stop sign in a four-way stop intersection at about 1:45 a.m.

A Bluffton police report said when officers pulled Cutshaw over, she was slurring her words and she failed a Breathalyzer test.”


Blondie is the poster girl for white privilege, she expected to be let off with a warning even though she failed a Breathalyzer test, sped through a stop sign, and was in possession of marijuana. She expected her freshly scrubbed white face to be her “get out of jail free card.”

Becky`s argument isn`t as silly as it sounds, she was not so subtly reminding a white police officer that they usually spend their time stopping black motorists for trivial reasons and then blowing them away to Kingdom Come when they reach for their wallet.

Barbie`s “innocent white girl act” didn`t work, she was arrested and incarcerated. I hope they threw her in the drunk tank, where she would no doubt become intimately acquainted with inmates of color who have no tolerance for her white privilege.

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