Should Donald Trump Be Impeached or Executed?

Edward J. Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor, is a hero who leaked troves of top-secret NSA documents on vast surveillance programs. Pre-Snowden most of us were under the impression that only terrorists, spies and criminals were under the systemic surveillance of Big Brother. It turns out that the feds are interested in the emails, blogs, and telephone conversation of everybody, including your fat mother.

In my humble opinion Snowden should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but Donald Trump isn`t likely to award him any medals. In the summer of 2013, Trump tweeted that Snowden was a traitor who gave serious information to China and Russia and should be executed.

Trump`s primary responsibility is to protect American citizens, and he betrayed that trust by providing the Russians with highly classified information that was given to us by Israel with the understanding that it shouldn`t be shared with Russia or any other entity. Trump betrayed his presidential duty, Israel and America, and if I was as intemperate as he is, I would be calling for his execution.

It`s illegal and unethical to call for the execution of the President of the United States, although God knows we would be better off if he was dead. I `m not calling for Trump to be executed, but can we at least agree that he needs to be impeached?

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