OMG! Trump Delivers Speech With His Pants On Backwards!

Former President Donald Trump returned to the stage on Saturday night, delivering a speech at the North Carolina Republican Party State Convention, the start of his summer MAGA concert tour.

Trump delivered his speech before North Carolina party officials and not the typical out-of-control MAGA crowd. Trump tailored his speech to the audience and adopted a low-energy delivery, the only times when the audience whopped and hollered was when he bashed Dr. Fauci and when he uttered an obscenity. His address was as disjointed, incoherent and untruthful as always, it just lacked the energy of a MAGA rally, quite an inauspicious start to his summer speaking tour.

Nobody discussed or debated the substance of his speech, these were the top Twitter trends after his discourse: #DiaperDon, #Trumppants and #HopeHicks.

Donald Trump delivered his meandering rant with his pants on backwards, there appeared to be no zipper on the front of his elasticized wrinkled-ass pants.

Trump reminded me of the 90’s hip-hop duo Kriss Kross who are known for their one hit “Jump” and for their penchant for wearing their pants backwards. Kriss Kross failed to start a fashion trend with their pants backwards tomfoolery, and I doubt that the obese septuagenarian Trump will inspire folks to wear their pants backwards.

Although if Trump admitted that he wore his pants backwards and he asked his followers to put on their pants backwards in solidarity with him, millions of his disciples would follow his example. White evangelical ministers would make it an article of faith that faithful Christians put on their pants backwards.

You might be wondered why Hope Hicks was trending on Twitter. Trump once berated Hope Hicks during the 2016 campaign for forgetting a machine she used to steam his pants while he wore them.

Poor Donald, there’s nobody around him with the guts to tell him that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes, and Hope Hicks isn’t around to steam his pants and make sure he doesn’t put them on backwards.

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