My Annual Mariah Carey Christmas Essay

Queen of Christmas

It’s Christmas time and some writers will wax eloquent about peace on Earth and good will toward men, and others will expound on the religious significance of the holiday, but for me the most important aspect of the Yuletide season is the heavenly voice of the Queen of Christmas singing “All I Want for Christmas is You”.

It’s not Christmas until I hear Mariah Carey’s iconic Christmas song for the first time on the radio. When I heard the diva’s signature holiday song on the radio in late-November for the first time, it reminded me that it was time to turn the page from Thanksgiving to Noel.

Christmas without “All I Want for Christmas” is like Thanksgiving without a turkey, Halloween without candy and Valentine’s Day without someone special in your arms.

I live in a part of the country were it almost never snows on Christmas, but I can do without the snow, the tinsel, the presents and the tree decorated with ornaments. I’m good, as long as “All I Want for Christmas is You” in playing on a loop in my home.

It’s Christmas and I don’t have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head, I have visions of the Queen of Christmas dancing and cavorting with Santa Claus while singing her classic song.

Merry Christmas and may you experience the true meaning of the holiday: enjoying the heavenly voice of Mariah as everyone else is running to and fro buying presents, getting plastered at parties and hanging decorations.