Mike Lee Tweets His Hatred of Democracy

“Democracy isn’t the objective; liberty, peace, and prospefity are.  We want the human condition to flourish.  Rank democracy can thwart that.”

Mike Lee

This tweet wasn’t posted by an authoritarian despot but by a United States senator who you’d think would be proudly proclaiming all the benefits of democracy.

This tweet is just oozing with contempt and disdain for American democracy. I would expect a Putin or a Kim Jong-un to dismiss our form of government as “rank democracy”, not a Republican senator who drapes himself in the American flag.

No senator, America isn’t a “rank” democracy, it’s a glorious democracy, a precious democracy, a supreme democracy.

Democracy is the objective; liberty, peace and prosperity for all Americans, not just for elitists who can’t spell the likes of Mike Lee.

Republicans have shown their true colors, they’re not interested in achieving a more perfect union and a democracy where everyone regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation or race will thrive and prosper. They lust for fascism and theocracy.

Lee should be careful, because if Republicans succeed in turning our democracy into a theocracy, he would be an outcast just like immigrants, racial minorities, gays and lesbians and women. Lee is a Mormon and evangelicals consider the Church of Latter-Day Saints a cult.

Lee states that he wants the human condition to flourish, the human condition is to celebrate power and to demonize and oppress everyone who doesn’t belong to the elite class.

It’s democracy, and democracy alone that can lift us up from the human condition.

The citizens of the great state of Utah should demonstrate that they value democracy by voting Lee out of office.

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