Jon McNaughton’s Painting of Donald Trump is Crap

Jon McNaughton recently unveiled the latest painting in his Americana series, it depicts Donald Trump standing on a football field clutching a shredded, trampled and grass-stained American flag.

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, and I admit that a jingoistic buffoon like Trump is as American as apple pie, and this painting certainly deserves to be part of the artist`s Americana series.

I`ve already seen McNaughton`s painting prominently displayed on the Facebook pages of MAGA true believers. It probably induces wet dreams of a naked Trump holding the American flag and leading a charge against Mexican, Muslims and other riff-raff in these cretins.

But back to the “work of art,” the president is standing on the gridiron, holding a desecrated American flag to his chest with one tiny hand, and holding a rag with his other hand. Only a fuc*ing moron would attempt to remove grass stains with a rag, the artist is as much of an idiot as the president he so clearly idolizes.

Trump has a pensive look on his face, as if he`s thinking it must have been those black sons of bitches who trampled all over this flag.

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