I Hope the Criminal Justice System Doesn’t Fail Us and Trump is Convicted and Imprisoned

The vast majority of Republican leaders have railed against the indictment of Donald Trump over the stolen classified documents as a witch-hunt and a partisan vendetta by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

But the fact is that the DOJ was lenient and deferential towards Trump in the stolen classified documents case, given his status as a former president. They afforded the twice-impeached failed insurrectionist ample opportunities and more than enough time to avoid charges by returning the highly sensitive documents that didn’t belong to him.

According to the Washington Post one of Trump’s lawyers, Christopher Kise, wanted to negotiate a settlement with the DOJ that would preclude charges, but he was shot down by the stubbornly narcissistic Trump.

Ordinary government employees who didn’t have the status and power of the former president were prosecuted and imprisoned for taking documents home from work.

No one is less deserving of mercy and leniency than the vindictive, authoritarian and fascist Trump who thinks he is above the law. Republicans should stop coddling and making excuses for their Dear Leader, respect the rule of law, stop criticizing the DOJ and let Trump’s fate be decided by a jury of his peers.

If a jury decides that there isn’t enough evidence to find Trump guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, I will be extremely upset but I will accept the verdict.

If the jury finds that there is overwhelming evidence that Trump is guilty of mishandling sensitive files, I will conclude that there’s still hope for our democracy, and especially our judicial system. I will celebrate the fact that the career criminal finally was punished for his evil deeds.