House Republicans in a Circle Jerk While the World is on Fire

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy was unceremoniously ousted by a handful of MAGA congressmen not for the crime of being corrupt or incompetent, but because he committed the unpardonable sin of reaching a bipartisan deal to avoid a government shutdown, which would have devasted our fragile economy.

It was the first time that the House of Representatives had voted out its Speaker. In the weeks since Republicans, who resemble the Keystone Kops on crack, have been unable to elect a new Speaker, paralyzing the House. Left to their own devices Republican congresspersons would spend all their time in a circle jerk, pleasuring themselves before a portrait of their messiah, Donald Trump, instead of legislating and doing the job they were elected to perform.

American government is a dumpster fire; indeed, the whole world is on fire, and we need the House open for business so they can address Russia’s war on Ukraine and the Israel/Hamas war before the world ends with a big bang.

In this critical juncture in world history, a stumbling and bumbling, incoherent and incomprehensible, President Joe Biden traveled to Israel to assert his role as Leader of the Free World. Yeah, right.

I’m not waiting for the Rapture to rapture me out of this evil and crazy world, but I am pleading with Scotty to beam me the hell out of here. There’s got to be intelligent life somewhere out there.