Hero Smears Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star with Dog Feces

“Donald Trump’ star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been defaced yet again. The former president’s star, which has been vandalized multiple times, was recently covered with dog excrement.”


Donald Trump is the most despised former president since Richard Nixon, and his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has proven to be an irresistible target for his legion of haters.

His loathed star has been spray-painted with graffiti, crushed with a sledgehammer, attacked with a pickaxe, it has been assailed every imaginable way except with a miniature nuclear device.

So, I’m not surprised that Trump’s star has been defiled yet again, this time with dog excrement. Everything Trump touches turns to shit, it’s poetic justice that his star was smeared with canine feces.

The unknown individual will not be prosecuted for his patriotic action because what he did isn’t considered vandalism. If I lived in Hollywood, I would have my pooch drop a load on his star every day and twice on Sunday.

In insurance the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine is a tort law under which a homeowner may be liable for injuries to children who trespass on land if the injury results from a hazardous object that is likely to attract children. For example, if you have a trampoline on your front yard and a little brat in your neighborhood plays on it and cracks his head open, your ass is going to be sued, and you will lose.

Trump’s star should be considered an attractive nuisance for adults and nobody should face any penalties for attacking it with a sledgehammer or axe, and certainly not for having his pooch crap on it.

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