God is God, All the Time. All the Time God is Good? Prove it By Being Good to Everyone


The seemingly innocuous phrase “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good” is ubiquitous in evangelical circles. It is used as a greeting and as an affirmation, often in call-and-response pattern.

It’s the favorite mantra of evangelical pastors, it teaches their congregations to give their assent to whatever “truth” he utters.

The correct response to “God is good, all the time” is not “All the time, God is good” but:

Sometimes it doesn’t seem so!

If God is good why are evangelicals such assholes?

If God is good why does evil reign supreme in the world?

Or with silence.

Fundamentalist Christians will demonize and persecute other Christians who don’t share their extremist interpretation of the Bible, and leave people thinking that the God they worship can’t possibly be good.

They remind me of fundamentalist Muslims who greet each other with “Allahu Akbar” and regard everyone else including moderate Muslims with disdain, contempt and hatred.

God is good? Prove it to me by being good to everyone.