Evangelical Sermons Full of Sound & Fury, Signifying Nothing

Countless sermons are delivered in evangelical pulpits every Sunday, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. These exhortations disappear into the ether, without adding anything of weight or substance to the national discourse.

Historians will little note nor long remember these harangues, they are just footnotes in the arc of the moral universe that ultimately bends towards justice.

These homilies serve as a porn soundtrack for the weekly evangelical circle jerks. These sanctimonious cultists may roll down the aisles, dance in the Holy Ghost and cry out to the Almighty, but their prayers don’t ascend into the heavens, and only dark forces take note of their histrionics.

White evangelicals are an existential threat to our democracy, but let us not be unduly exercised. Fight them tooth and nail, but comfort yourselves in the knowledge that they are doomed to irrelevancy. Freedom, liberty, and science will prevail over theocracy, superstitions and ignorance.