Donald Trump’s Dreadful DACA Decision

Today Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that Donald Trump (who was too cowardly to make the announcement himself) has ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which gives work permits to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States a children, along with protection from possible deportation.

DACA won`t be rescinded for six months, ostensibly to give Congress enough time to write legislation to save the dreamers. But the racist Trump knows damn well that such a bill will never pass through the House of Representatives that`s controlled by hardline Republicans.

Trump`s racist, cowardly and evil action has been roundly condemned from all quarters

There have been a million and one tweets condemning Trump`s DACA decision, but I want to highlight this one:

“It`s incredible to me that you`ll pardon a man who is known for running his prison as a Latino concentration camp and call him a patriot, but then deport kids with a dream to be successful citizens with safe lives. You disgust me.”

Tweet from Fifth Harmony`s Lauren Jauregui

I couldn`t agree more with Jauregui`s tweet, Trump has proven with his words and his actions that he hates Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. He disgusts me.

Trump claims that he wants to build a wall to protect Americans from Mexican rapists and criminals, but the DACA young adults are college graduates, entrepreneurs, and hardworking citizens who are making the communities they live in a better place.

Trump is physically, intellectually and spiritually disgusting; I disagree with his political ideology but my reaction to him is primal and visceral: I want to tear out his heart and smash it before his dying eyes.

Trump you disgust me, and this Latino blogger will continue to write editorials exposing your racism, buffoonery and sheer incompetence until you are removed from office, one way or another.

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