Donald Trump Wondered Why George Washington Didn’t Name Mount Vernon After Himself

“Last April, when President Donald Trump cast his gaze around Mount Vernon during a state visit with French President Emmanuel Macron, he had one big question about the Virginia mansion of the founding father: Why didn`t George Washington name the place after himself?

“You`ve got to put your name on stuff or no one remembers you,” Trump said, according to a story in Politico this week.


When Trump toured the Mount Vernon estate with French President Emmanuel Macron he didn`t bask in the historical significance or marvel at the architectural brilliance of the mansion. The only thing on his mind was: Why didn`t George Washington name the place after himself?

Trump may not know squat about history, architecture, and foreign and domestic policies, but he is a master at branding. Before he got into politics and he was a real estate developer the “Trump” brand had mystique and panache, and the rich and powerful paid good money to buy a condo or an apartment in Trump-branded property.

But since he has become president and he`s exposed his bigotry, racism, ignorance, vindictiveness and pettiness to the whole world, the Trump name has lost its luster, to say the least.

Washington`s legacy is secure, he may not have named Mount Vernon after himself, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of schools, libraries, and public and government buildings named after him. When Trump leaves office, I doubt if there will be more than a handful of schools and other buildings named after him.

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