Donald Trump Shuts Down His Blog After Less Than a Month

Donald Trump may brag incessantly about how much he is winning, but the fact is that he’s on a decades-long losing streak.

Trump campaigned for president promising that his success as a businessman would translate into a success as a politician, but he turned out to be an even worse president than he was a real estate developer and businessman.

The list of Trump’s failed business ventures is long and it encompasses decades of incompetence and ineptitude: Trump Airlines, Trump Magazine, Trump Mortgage Company, Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Casinos, Trump Vodka, and perhaps his biggest failure: his humiliating 2020 presidential landslide election defeat to Joe Biden.

And now you can add another devastating humiliation to Trump’s litany of failures: the premature demise of his blog called “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump.” The former King of Twitter launched his stillborn blog after he had been permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook.

How the mighty have fallen! When he was president Trump used his tweets to dominate the news cycle, ridicule celebrities, keep Republican congressional leaders in line, intimidate political opponents, and incite an insurrection.

But Trump’s blog wasn’t getting any traction, nobody was up in arms over his latest blog post, and so in frustration and despair he pulled the plug after less than a month.

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