The CNN ‘This is an Apple’ Ad

“CNN launched a Facts First marketing campaign this morning. The ad features only an apple, though it`s hard to see it as other than a nuts-to-you response to Donald Trump`s campaign to brand CNN as `Fake News.`

`This is an apple,` the ad begins:

Some people might tell you that it`s a banana.

They might scream banana, banana, banana, over and over and over again.

They might put BANANA in all caps.

You might even start to believe that this is a banana.

But it`s not.

This is an apple.

Facts First.



I would love to make my own video. My ad would feature only a Jack O` Lantern.

“This is a rotten Jack O` Lantern,” my ad begins.

Some delusional cultists might tell you that it`s the president of the United States.

They might scream president, president, over and over again, demanding that you grant him respect commensurate with his office.


You might even start to believe that this grotesque orange buffoon deserves to be treated with respect.

But he`s not entitled to any respect.

He`s a rotten orange freak.

The truth hurts.

Robert Paul Reyes

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Life-Size Trump Scarecrow At California Elementary Schools Scares Bejesus Out of Kids

“Parents are divided after a scarecrow depicting President Donald Trump was put up as part of a class project on the Santa Clarita Elementary School campus.

`No matter what your political affiliation is, this was 100% inappropriate for elementary students to see at Santa Clarita Elementary today!!` a Facebook post about the scarecrow read.

But some parents weren`t upset with the scarecrow.

`If only I could be so lucky to have someone like her teaching my children every year!!!,` said one parent with children taught by the teacher named in the original post. `Shame on the people who badmouth her and don`t even know her, nor do they even have a child in her classroom!!!!`


The school was provided with scarecrows for each class. Under the supervision of a teacher each class decided how to decorate their scarecrows.

The teacher whose young charges decided to dress one of the scarecrows as Donald Trump should be commended for reminding her students, with a clever Halloween decoration, that there`s evil in the world. Sometimes there is a bogeyman under year bed, a pedophile in a trench coat lurking near a public school, and a racist buffoon in the White House.

Creating a Trump scarecrow is the easiest thing in the world: Find a rotting pumpkin to represent his head, an empty suit to represent his torso, and Barbie hands.

It`s incumbent upon teachers and parents to teach our children that the profane, vulgar, mean-spirited and imbecile president doesn`t deserve our respect.

Get with the damn program and place your own Trump scarecrow on your font lawn this Halloween.

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