Anglican Cleric Urges Believers to Pray That Prince George Will Marry Fine Young Gentleman

“A prominent Anglican cleric and gay rights campaigner known for contentious gestures has urged believers to pray for Prince George – age 4, and third in line to the throne – to find the love of a fine young gentleman when he grows up so as to advance the cause of same-sex marriage in church.

Coming just days after Prince Harry – George`s uncle, and fifth in line – announced his engagement to Meghan Markle, a divorced American actress, the suggestion by the Very Rev. Kelvin Holdsworth seemed to illuminate once more the role of royal romance in Britain`s imagination and conversation, especially when it collides with tradition.”

The New York Times

On August I posted the following article:

Newest Gay Icon: Prince George

This is a follow-up of sorts:

Prince George is simply adorable, he`s like a miniature Liberace minus the feather boa. Nobody, not even the tiny prince, knows his sexual orientation, but even Stevie Wonder can sense that the young royal has a gay vibe.

However we shouldn`t be urging Prince George to come out of the closet when he can barely crawl out of his crib. Let the adorable child grow up, and at the right time he will choose a young groom or a young bride for a fairy tale wedding.

As a not so prominent American blogger I urge my readers to pray that Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner will come out of the closet. Kushner exudes so much gay vitality that it caused my gay radar to explode, homeboy really needs to sashay out of the closet.

Then he can have a little talk with his father-in-law, and chastise the racist and homophobic buffoon for his anti-gay policies. But we don`t live in a fairy tale world, and Kushner won`t speak out against Trump`s anti-gay views just like his cabinet won`t condemn the president`s racist and misogynist comments and policies.

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Newest Gay Icon: 4-Year-Old Prince George

“A conservative British politician has lashed out at an LGBT news site for declaring their country`s future king a `gay icon.`

PinkNews used a photo of Prince George clutching his face while visiting a German helicopter compound with his father alongside an article headlined `People think Prince George looks fabulous in this new photo.`

`Prince George has become a gay icon overnight – at least, that`s what some people – sorry, his subjects – are saying on Twitter` the article began before quoting a series of social media posts about his supposedly feminine gesture.”

New York Daily News

Some conservatives reacted in shock to the gay publication`s characterization of 4-year-old Prince George as a gay icon, they claim that the young royal is being sexualized.

Bullocks! Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler, Cher, Madonna and Lady Gaga are all prominent gay icons, and there isn`t a gay man alive who fantasizes about these women as sexual objects.

To brand Prince George as a gay icon isn`t sexualizing him, it simply means that he embodies the gay aesthetic.

I have a finely tuned gaydar, in fact I have never been wrong when I guessed a celeb`s sexual orientation (male and female) sometimes decades before they came out of the closet.

The photograph of Prince George clutching his slightly tilted to the side face while wearing blue shorts is the gayest thing I have seen in my lifetime. Take is from someone who is infallible when it comes to guessing people`s sexual orientation, there is a 99.99 percent chance that little George will grow up to be gayer than Liberace.

The PinkNews article was tongue-in-cheek, conservative bitches need to get a clue.

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