New York Daily News Headline: PEE BRAIN! Trump is a Pea-Brain Golden Showers-Loving Freak

“New Yorks hometown newspaper is taking on President Donald Trump yet again with another absolutely savage front page.

The New York Daily News posted its Friday cover on Twitter late Thursday:

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The New York Daily News headline screams: PEE BRAIN! Is this yellow journalism (no pun intended), or does President Donald Trump deserve the golden showers of ridicule that are devastating his administration?

That`s a rhetorical question, Trump is indeed a pea-brain short-fingered vulgarian who is destroying our democracy and staining his presidency. It`s incumbent upon all legitimate newspapers to expose him as an Emperor who has no clothes and is drenched in urine.

When then FBI Director James Comey told President Donald Trump about the infamous dossier, he seemed obsessed with the most lurid allegation, that the Russians had a tape of prostitutes urinating on each other in his hotel room in Moscow.

According to Comey, Trump told him to investigate it to prove that it didn`t happen. Comey quotes Trump as saying: If there`s even a 1% chance my wife thinks that`s true, that terrible.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much, there`s a 100% chance Melania knows that her hubby is the kind of freak who dances the Macarena while hookers piss all over him.

The White House needs a solid cleansing, the People`s House needs to be hosed down, washing away pee-stained Trump and his all of his lackeys.

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