Burger King Mascot Creepiest Mascot of All Time

“Belgium`s royal family says it has contacted the fast food chain Burger King over an ad that invites people to choose between the country`s King Philippe and the company`s mascot.

The ad, on whoistheking.be, asks those who choose Philippe: Are you sure? He won`t be the one to cook your fries.

A spokesman said the use of the king`s image must be approved by the royal family, but they had not been asked.

On the website, Philippe is represented by a cartoon.”


I love Burger King, I would be perfectly content to subsist on a diet of Whoppers and burgers for the rest of my life, however short that life may be.

But I loathe with an undying loathing the perpetually smiling, plastic-faced Burger King mascot, he is the creepiest fast food mascot of all time.

Any father would let his only daughter marry Ronald McDonald, rather than allow her go out on one date with the perversely creepy Burger King.

The Burger King corporation banished the loathsome king in 2011, but for some unfathomable reason he made a comeback in 2015.

I don`t live in Belgium but I went to the whoishteking.be Web site to vote for King Philippe over Burger King. I would vote for any world leader, including Kim Jong-un over the Burger King, with the exception of Donald Trump.

There`s nothing better in the world than biting into a juicy Big Whopper, but if a Burger King commercial featuring the Burger King comes on while I`m eating the burger, it would make me vomit.

Burger King would be well-advised to banish the Burger King forever!

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