Sweden Terror Attack! Never Fjorget!

“President Donald Trump caused confusion during a Saturday rally in Florida when he said: `You look at what`s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this?` Trump then mentioned the French cities of Nice and Paris and the Belgian capital, Brussels. The three European cities were all attacked by terrorists over the past two years.

Although Trump did not explicitly say it, his remarks were widely perceived in the United States and abroad as suggesting that an attack had occurred Friday night in Sweden.”

Denver Post

What doesn`t happen in Sweden doesn`t stay in Sweden, the whole world is expressing solidarity with the Scandinavian country over the terror attack that didn`t happen.

Folks are expressing sympathy for Sweden in different ways: Furnishing their homes with IKEA furniture, dusting off their ABBA vinyl records and discoing their blues away, drowning their sorrows in mug after mug of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, trying to forget the Swedish massacre that never happened by watching Swiss porn . ..

We didn`t say anything when the press failed to cover the Bowling Green Massacre, but Never Again! We will smother Sweden with love as they struggle to cope with the faux massacre. We will demand that the fake news networks report this very real story.

Get with the program people, the least you can do is add a Swiss flag filter to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture.

With this one silly article I have exceeded my yearly quota of double and triple negatives.

Pray for Sweden! Never Fjorget!

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