Lena Dunham’s Disgusting Toilet Selfie

“The 30 year-old took to Instagram to share this intimate moment with her 2.8 million followers.
In it, she is seen posing with her thighs slightly ajar and her hands between her legs in a suggestive gesture, as she (presumably) relieves herself and flushes away her sorrows about Donald Trump.”


Lena Dunham is the creator, writer, producer and lead actress of the HBO series “Girls”, no image makes it on air without her approval. On every episode Dunham offends our aesthetic sensibilities by exposing her blotchy fat ass. It’s one thing to appear butt-naked occasionally as an affirmation of body acceptance, it’s quite another to appear nude on every episode, that’s a sign of vanity and hatred of viewers.

Dunham has taken exhibitionism to a new level, her toilet selfie is disgusting; I wish I could flush the big ugly turd down the toilet.

Recently in a drunken video rant on Instagram Dunham referred to herself as a “human wastebasket” — indeed she is. Apparently only when Dunham is drunk does she see herself as she really is, the next time she gets plastered I hope she make an appointment with a shrink or a minister.

Dunham is an ugly girl desperate for attention, her serial flashing on “Girls” lost its shock value, so now we are treated to a toilet selfie. Will this moral slide end with a snuff film starring herself?

Link to toilet selfie:


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