Woman Angry With Order Bites Restaurant Owner’s Ear Off

“A woman angry about her food order from a Chinese restaurant allegedly bit part of the owner`s ear off during an altercation.

Authorities said Jade Anderson, 24, of Mount Clemens, entered China 1 at about 9:40 p.m. and started complaining to the restaurant`s owners, a man and his wife, about an order she received. Because of a language barrier, the pair`s son translated what Anderson was saying.

Authorities said Anderson pushed the son and threw the food on the floor before she began assaulting the woman owner. When the woman`s husband stepped in to help, Anderson began assaulting him as well. During the attack, she bit part of the man`s ear off, authorities said.”

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Who hasn`t verbally chewed a restaurant owner`s ear off after an unpleasant dining experience, but it`s a horse of a different color for a restaurant patron to go full Mike Tyson and bite the owner`s ear off during a vicious fight.

Whenever I enter a sketchy Chinese eating establishment I`m well aware that the Sesame chicken might really be dog or rat, but I will never willingly eat a human ear.

I`m tempted to call Anderson an animal, but I have too much respect for animals, so I will simply refer to her as a steaming pile of human excrement.

Anderson was charged with assault with intent to maim, and she will probably also be charged with child neglect, because she left a small child alone at home.

It won`t do this finicky eater any good to complain that there are rat droppings in her bologna sandwich when she`s behind bars.

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