The NRA & White Evangelicals are Sickening

“For $45, one can attend the prayer breakfast sponsored by Trijicon (an arms manufacturer that sparked controversy in 2010 for putting Bible verse references on gun sights sold to the U.S. military), Kel-Tec (a gun manufacturer whose products include semi-automatic guns), and Universal Coin & Bullion (that sells silver coins honoring the NRA and Donald Trump.”

Word & Way

It’s should come as no surprise that the NRA convention in Houston included a prayer breakfast to pander to the many evangelicals who attended the gun merchants Gunapalooza.

When I think of white evangelicals, “guns, god and gullibility” come to mind. The gun lobby and the GOP both use Christian symbols to separate evangelicals from their money.

Evangelicals are so spiritually blind that they can’t discern the sickening spectacle of gun manufacturers hosting a prayer breakfast, and charging a $45 fee.

Putting Bible verses on gun sights is exponentially more sacrilegious than putting an image of Jesus on a dildo. The Almighty might be pleased if a lady exclaimed “Oh Jesus” after using a Jesus dildo but he would be horrified if a soldier exclaimed “Yes Jesus” after using a biblical gun sight to kill an enemy.

Gun merchants & white evangelicals make me sick to my stomach, I wouldn’t attend a prayer breakfast sponsored by the NRA if they paid me $450.