Madonna’s Cringy pre-Grammys Video Has Traumatized Me for Life

There is nothing that Madonna can do in her golden years to tarnish her place in the pantheon of pop stars, she’s a living legend. Period.

However, we can hope that it will finally sink in that she’s not a spring chicken any more, and that she will learn to age gracefully.

Madonna would be well-advised to stay off TikTok and restrict her social media activity to Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is for Gen Xer’s and Baby Boomers, TikTok is for Z generation kids and immature Millennials. TikTok is a visual medium, and ill-suited for a 63-year-old pop star.

The Material Girl (Material Granny?) posted a 13-second clip on TikTok just before the Grammy Awards that was cringy as hell, and the best thing about is that it was so mercifully short.

Her post featured a close-up of her photoshopped face and large pink pouty lips. Large pink pouty lips on a young woman are hot, but on an old woman, let’s just say they’re not.

The unsettling TikTok post featured Madonna wearing silver chains and a black sheer top with her blond hair in four braids. Pathetic!

I will not include a link to the disturbing video, because I don’t want to gross out my friends, and I don’t want to give my enemies an excuse to sue me.