Kevin McCarthy Destroys and Diminishes His Speakership in Order to Save It

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy isn’t an idealogue, and he isn’t desperately attempting to become the Speaker of the House in order to enact a conservative political agenda.

McCarthy is a pragmatist and he will adopt whatever Republican political viewpoint is the flavor of the day. He has been scheming to hold the most powerful position in the House since at least 2015 simply because it’s the most powerful position.

A desperate man resorts to desperate measures to achieve his objective, and in order to win over the “Never Kevin” bloc McCarthy has made concessions that seriously dilute the power and authority of the speakership.

McCarthy even agreed to a House rule that would allow only one representative to push a “motion to vacate” forcing a vote on whether to oust the speaker.

McCarthy has destroyed his speakership in order to save it, and if he finally achieves his dream, he will be nothing but a figurehead who is destined to be voted out by Freedom Caucus representatives before the end of the year.