Donald Trump Isn’t a Strategic Counter Puncher, He’s a Moron Who Punches Down

Donald Trump’s skin is famous for its orange hue and for its fragile and thin nature.

You’d think that the President of the United States and the Leader of the Free World wouldn’t notice when an obscure blogger, D-list celeb or a hack politician criticized him, but Trump goes ballistic over every perceived slight.

Trump has been labeled a strategic counter puncher but actually he’s a master at punching down, and when you’re the commander-in-chief you’re always punching down.

When the stable genius punches down it lowers his status and elevates his critics. Trump’s punching down strategy exposes him as a thin-skinned narcissist and provides his detractors with a platform to broadcast their views.

When the fucking moron responds to his critics he doesn’t do so by rebutting their arguments by appealing to reason and logic, but by engaging in ad hominem attacks. The perfect arena for Trump to eviscerate his enemies is the toxic cesspool, Twitter. This social media site was custom-made for the grammar-impaired vulgarian.

Trump isn’t going to be brought down by a vicious viral tweet, but at the ballot box. We would be well-advised to expend less energy verbally attacking Trump, and more energy mobilizing our forces to remove him from office by any means necessary.

I imagine the devil has reserved a special place in hell for Trump: A room with floor-to-ceiling windows where he is surrounded by snickering demons firing toxic tweets at him. No matter how fast Trump’s little fingers move he can never keep up with all the insults targeting him.