Evangelical Ministers and Their Pricey Designer Sneakers

“Ben Kirby, a self-described Evangelical from Dallas, revealed himself as the man behind the @PreachersNSneakers account on Monday.

Since opening his account in 2019, Kirby has amassed more than 210,000 followers by posting images of pastors next to exorbitant price tags for the items they’re wearing – most commonly, their sneakers.”

Daily Mail

Once upon a time sneakers were utilitarian footwear, and you didn’t give a second thought to the smelly old gym shoes until you donned a pair to go jogging or to play basketball.

How times have changed, now you have to take out a second mortgage to purchase the latest Air Jordan or Adidas Yeezy running shoes.

The priorities of some young people are so skewed that they will literally kill someone to steal their tennis shoes.

You would expect evangelical preachers to set a good example by dressing in comfortable and affordable footwear, but they are the biggest consumers of designer sneakers.

Ben Kirby, a self-described evangelical has documented the footwear and designer attire of celebrity evangelical ministers:

Disgraced Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz, who baptized Justin Bieber wears an $800 pair of “Fear of God” running shoes. Obviously, this evangelical clown doesn’t fear the Almighty.

Paula White, who served as Donald Trump’s primary spiritual adviser, has been photographed wearing $785 Stella McCartney slip-ons.

Pastor Stephen R Chandler at Destiny Church in Maryland wears a pair of Air Jordans that retail for $8,100. 

Seattle megachurch pastor Judah Smith has been seen sporting a Judah Smith in a $3,600 Gucci jacket.  

If Jesus returned these evangelical ministers would mock him for wearing sandals.

Evangelical televangelists aren’t just interested in spreading xenophobia, misogyny, racism and false conspiracy theories, they’re also in it for filthy lucre.

My only question is why is Ben Kirby still a self-described evangelical? Why the holy fuck does any rational and spiritually-minded person still give their hard-earned money to this evangelical charlatans.