If You Love America You Will Celebrate 4/20 Every Day

“A photo of a Minnesota police department`s undercover 4/20 operations went viral after being shared on social media Thursday.

Wyoming, Minn. Police shared a tongue in cheek photo of an officer holding a net while hiding behind a series of snacks and other items meant to entice marijuana smokers on the day that celebrates pot culture.

The trap in the photo featured bags of Doritos and Cheetos alongside a can of Mountain Dew, a White Castle bag and a pair of Xbox video games.”


4/20 is America`s unofficial holiday when workplace productivity grinds to a halt, everyone grooves to Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill, and supermarket shelves are empty of Doritos and Cheetos. If weed was legal it would be morning in America every day, and Democrats and Republicans would be too busy hitting the bong to worry about Trump destroying our country.

Police officers holding a net while hiding behind snacks meant to entice smokers is humorous, but what`s not funny is the ineffectual War on Drugs that`s wasted billions and deepened the racial divide.

What a lovely world it would be if instead of arresting a disproportionate number of minorities on drug charges, cops would spread love and peace by holding pot parties in the inner city.

Fight terrorism and protect the American way of life by celebrating 4/20 every damn day of the year.

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