Georgia Evangelicals Prefer the Moral Degenerate Herschel Walker Over Statesman Raphael Warnock

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) is running for reelection in Georgia.

Warnock is the senior pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Luther King Jr.’s former congregation. The tireless man of faith has continued in his post at Ebenezer while serving in the Senate.

You’d think that a man who serves God as a Baptist minister and serves his community as a Senator would have the blessing and endorsement of white evangelicals.

But alas, the vast majority of evangelicals in Georgia are supporting the evangelical Republican candidate, Herschel Walker.

Walker, who was endorsed by former President Trump, is a moron, who is ethically, morally and intellectually unqualified to serve as senator.

Walker resembles the moral degenerate Donald Trump in many ways:

Like his orange messiah, Walker is a pathological liar. He falsely claimed he was an FBI agent and police officer. He falsely claimed he graduated from the University of Georgia. He falsely claimed to own a drapery business. He falsely claimed that his food company, that has only eight employees, was the largest minority-owned food company in the United States.

Like Trump he is an idiot. He believes that the fact that monkeys aren’t extinct is prove that evolution is false, since “evolution teaches humans evolved from monkeys.” He is a climate change denier who recently uttered incoherent remarks in which he claimed that America’s “good air” moves over to China, while China’s “bad air” “moves over to our good air space.”

Like Trump his personal life is messy. Walker has so many illegitimate children that until recently he hadn’t publicly acknowledged, that he makes Nick Cannon look like a celibate monk.

Herschel Walker is a symbol of the moral depravity and intellectual inferiority of evangelical Republicans.

Georgia, please do the right thing and elect Raphael Warnock as your senator.