Woody Harrelson’s Brutal Lunch With Donald Trump and Jesse Ventura

“On Friday`s broadcast of `Real Time with Bill Maher`, the star of the upcoming Lyndon B. Johnson biopic `LBJ` explained how he was invited along to a 2002 dinner with the future president by retired pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura.

Trump was trying to convince Ventura to be his running mate on the 2004 Democratic presidential ticket, said Harrelson.

The meal itself was `brutal,` Harrelson told the show`s host, Bill Maher. `I never met a more narcissistic man. He talked about himself the whole time. You could see the standard he was going to bear.`

`I had to walk out halfway through to smoke a joint just to like steel myself from the rest of it,` he added.”

Huffington Post

Woody Harrelson has a laidback demeanor, his dinner with the paranoid conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura and the narcissist buffoon Donald Trump was destined to be a disaster.

The meal probably didn`t start off with small talk about the weather and sports. I imagine Ventura started by opining that the wait staff was conspiring to poison their meals, and Trump responding that he would grab their waitress by the pussy before she got an opportunity to tamper with their meals.

Is it any wonder that poor Woody had to walk out halfway through to smoke a joint? An average person can`t get through a Trump speech or press conference without hitting the bong or drinking whisky.

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